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Is Eating Seasonally Legit or Just for Hipsters?

What is Seasonal Produce?

Eating seasonal produce is not just a trend. By definition, produce is considered “seasonal”, when it’s bought around the same time it’s harvested. But what does that actually mean? It means that the produce is picked closer to its peak freshness and it spends less time on the shelf before it gets to you. And so, when you buy seasonal produce, you are buying fresher, more nutrient-packed produce.

Why Should I Eat Seasonally?

Because it can save you money! You’ll notice that throughout the year different produce items go on sale. You know how all the apples are on sale at the same time? And the magical time of year when strawberries go on sale? And when avocados get closer to $1? Prices fall when produce is in season because the supply of fresh, good quality produce increases.

How Do I Know What’s In Season?

One good place to start is this blog! The Royal Budget has a Seasonal Feature series where I choose 1 fruit or vegetable to showcase what’s in season. Other credible sources are the US Government and Seasonal Food Guide. Seasonal Food Guide is cool because it shows you what’s in season based on what state you live in.

So eating seasonally is not simply a trend or a fad reserved for health junkies. It’s actually incredibly practical. Not only do you get fruit and vegetables at their freshest points, but you can also save money!

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